Celebrities Who Have Stayed at The Don CeSar

The Don CeSar is a historic hotel located in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. It was built in 1928, when the city was known as “The Sunshine City”. The Don CeSar has had many famous guests, ranging from presidents and foreign dignitaries to Hollywood celebrities and professional athletes. This iconic hotel has been a favorite destination for many of the hottest stars in showbiz over the years. From Oscar-winning actors and country music icons to reality TV stars, these celebrities have all stayed at The Don CeSar. Let’s take a look at some of those famous faces who have enjoyed the luxuries of this luxurious beachfront property.


Celebrities often choose the most luxurious accommodations when they travel, and the Don CeSar is one hotel that has been a favorite among the rich and famous for several decades. This pink palace located on St. Pete Beach, Florida, has welcomed numerous celebrities over the years. From famous actors to musicians to athletes, these stars have enjoyed the exquisite amenities, stunning views, and exceptional service offered by the Don CeSar.

One group of celebrities who have stayed at The Don CeSar are musicians. Famous singers such as Elvis Presley and Paul McCartney have chosen to stay at this luxurious hotel. Elvis Presley chose to stay at The Don CeSar in 1961 while filming his movie “Follow That Dream” in nearby Inverness. He was rumored to have had a great time staying there and was seen playing football on the beach with fans. Another iconic musician who stayed at The Don CeSar is Paul McCartney. McCartney was spotted vacationing with his family in 2016 and even took time to pose for photos with fans.

In addition to musicians, actors are also known for their stays at The Don CeSar. One of Hollywood’s most celebrated leading men, F. Scott Fitzgerald knew about this grand resort’s allure – he spent time there working on scripts for MGM Studios in the late 1930s because he found it so inspiring.Famous actor and director John Huston also enjoyed a luxurious stay at The Don CeSar resort while filming his movie “The Night of The Iguana” in 1964. Huston was impressed by the hotel’s stunning location amid the Gulf Coast’s beautiful scenery.

Athletes are also among those who have chosen to stay at The Don CeSar resort over other options while traveling around Florida. Famous NBA star Shaquille O’Neal reportedly stayed here during his time playing for Miami Heat between 2004-2008; O’Neal said he enjoyed the hotel’s amenities and was seen playing basketball with other guests. Baseball legend Babe Ruth also stayed at the Don CeSar way back in 1928, during spring training for the New York Yankees.

The Don CeSar resort is a luxurious hotel that has been attracting celebrities from all over the world for many years. With its stunning architecture, exceptional services, and beautiful location on Florida’s Gulf Coast, it’s easy to see why so many famous faces have chosen to stay here. Whether you’re a music lover, an avid fan of film or sports, or simply someone who appreciates luxurious living experience, The Don CeSar Resort offers everything for everyone. Who knows? You might just end up running into some famous faces while you’re there!

St. Pete’s iconic Don CeSar hotel turns 95
The iconic Don CeSar hotel celebrated the 95th anniversary of its opening on Monday.

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