Decoding ‘No Mas’: Understanding the Slang and Its Meaning

No Mas is an expression of resignation or exhaustion which has become popular in slang. It translates from Spanish to English as “no more” and is often used to signal a lack of interest, an unwillingness to continue or a firm refusal. The phrase can be interpreted literally as well as figuratively and is often used ironically, casually, and in a humorous manner. No Mas can also be seen being used in online chat forums or other forms of communication that are informal in nature.


Slangs have been a part of the English language for decades now. They are phrases or words that are commonly used in a specific group of people, and not everyone is familiar with them. One such slang that we will discuss in this article is “No Mas.”


1. Origin of “No Mas”

2. What does “No Mas” mean?

3. Examples of “No Mas” usage

4. Pop Culture References to “No Mas”


“No Mas” is a Spanish slang phrase that translates to “no more” or “I won’t take it anymore.” In the world of sports, it has gained significant popularity due to its association with a boxing match held in 1980 between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran.

During the eighth round of the match, Duran turned towards Leonard and said, “No mas,” which meant he couldn’t take any more hits from his opponent.


In sports, the slang indicates surrender or giving up. However, the phrase has made its way into everyday language and can also be used in situations where someone is overwhelmed.


1. My boss keeps piling on work on me; I’m ready to say No Mas

2. After running three miles straight, I screamed No Mas as my legs gave out

3. I can’t watch this horror movie anymore; No mas!

Pop Culture References:

The phrase has been referenced numerous times in pop culture over the years since its inception. For instance, it was used as a title for one of Pink Floyd’s songs on their 1987 album titled ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason.’

Additionally, several TV shows and movies have referenced or used the phrase during dialogue scenes.


In conclusion, understanding slangs such as ‘No mas’ is essential because they provide context for conversations happening around you. Knowing their meaning and usage is crucial in feeling included in a group’s conversation. Therefore, “No mas” may have originated from sports, but it has made its way into our daily vocabulary.

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