End of the Line: No More English Translation

No Mas: A Documentary about Mexico’s Uprising Against Neoliberalism is a provocative look into the Mexican people’s growing resistance to neoliberal policies and their struggle for economic independence. Through powerful interviews and powerful images, the film explores the various social movements challenging the status quo in Mexico and how they are striving to create a more equitable society. The film also examines the deep-seated roots of inequality in Mexico stemming from centuries of colonization by foreign countries, as well as current issues such as the impact of trade agreements. It argues that neoliberalism has widened income inequality and deepened social injustice in Mexico, leading to widespread outrage and discontent amongst its citizens. No Mas is an essential viewing experience for those seeking to learn more about Mexico’s social unrest while providing a deeper understanding of how international politics and global economics affect everyone.

No Mas Amor Que El Tuyo with Spanish lyrics and English Translation
Words By: Manuel Bernabe Music By: Simeon Resurrection Performed By: Himig Hesuita Literal translation By: Jose ma. Bonifacio M. Escoda Music Video By: Jason Barretto


With the ongoing advancements in the field of Artificial Intelligence, we have seen major improvements in language translation technology. However, recent developments have sparked controversy as to whether human translators will eventually become obsolete.


1. AI Translation Technology

Artificial Intelligence has made significant strides in language translation technology. There are several AI-based translation systems available, such as Google Translate and Microsoft Translator, that can interpret languages with a high degree of accuracy.

2. The Advantages of AI Translation

AI-based translation systems offer a variety of advantages over traditional methods. They can work at incredible speeds and are available 24/7, meaning they can be used at any time for any purpose.

3. The Disadvantages of AI Translation

While AI translation systems have come a long way, they still struggle to pick up on nuances and complexities that human translators can easily recognize. This means that there are certain contexts where human translation is still the better option.

4. The Future of Translation

It’s hard to predict exactly how the future of language translation will play out. While AI-based systems are generally faster and more efficient than humans, there will likely always be a need for human translators in certain contexts.


In conclusion, while the rise of AI-based language translations is undeniable, it’s unlikely that we’ll see humans entirely replaced by machines anytime soon. Even with their improved accuracy and speed, there are still certain contexts where human translators are invaluable due to their ability to pick up on nuance and context cues that machines may miss. So while it seems that technology will continue to evolve and change the world around us, there’s still something special about the art of human communication that cannot be so easily replaced by machines.

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