Famous Guests Who Have Stayed at The Don CeSar Hotel

The Don CeSar Hotel, located directly on the shores of Gulf of Mexico in St. Pete Beach, Florida, has been the home away from home for some of the world’s most famous guests over the years. From Hollywood royalty to presidents, royalty and even rock stars, The Don CeSar Hotel has seen its fair share of famous visitors grace its luxurious halls and rooms. From iconic movie stars such as Clark Gable and Carol Lombard to world-renowned singers like Marvin Gaye and Bruce Springsteen, many well-known celebrities have rested their heads at The Don CeSar Hotel while on vacation.

The Don CeSar Hotel is a world-renowned luxury hotel situated on St. Pete Beach, Florida. It has been a hub for many famous guests for over 90 years, hosting numerous Presidents, celebrities, and rich business moguls. Here are some of the most famous guests who have stayed at The Don CeSar Hotel.

1. Presidents and Royals

The hotel’s rich history includes a long list of presidents and royalty. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan visited the hotel to make a speech to a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention. President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited The Don in 1942 during World War II to meet with Winston Churchill. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth stayed at the hotel in 1939 while in transit from Canada to Washington D.C.

In recent times, former President Bill Clinton has been spotted at the hotel enjoying his time with family and friends.

2. Hollywood Stars

Throughout its history, The Don CeSar has hosted numerous Hollywood stars seeking an escape or looking for a luxurious vacation spot. In 1948, Marilyn Monroe and her then-husband baseball player Joe DiMaggio spent their honeymoon in one of the hotel’s suites.

Many other notable actors have also graced the hotel with their presence over the years, including F.Scott Fitzgerald (author of ‘The Great Gatsby’), Mary Pickford (one of America’s first movie stars), Charlie Chaplin (a comedian legend), Ava Gardner (an iconic Hollywood actress), Dorothy Lamour (an American actress & singer) among others.


Some talented musicians have passed by The Don too – Sammy Davis Jr., Louis Armstrong, Gloria Estefan, Stevie Wonder are just some among many esteemed artists who’ve enjoyed their stay here.

In more recent times than the aforementioned musicians above have re-visited as part of performing at nearby exhibitions- Elton John performed in St Petersburg Tropicana Field in 1995 and was entertained there, whereas Lady Gaga stayed there during her performance at Amalie Arena in 2018.

4. Sports Stars

The Don CeSar has also played host to several athletes over the years. In the early days of baseball, Babe Ruth used to visit the hotel regularly, putting up his famous home runs while indulging his guests.

Muhammad Ali was also a previous guest of The Don CeSar Hotel and sports legends like Lawrence Taylor (a former NFL player), Michael Jordan (former NBA star), and LeBron James have all paid visits as well.

In conclusion, with its rich history, unique architecture, endless amenities and stunning location on St. Pete Beach, it is no surprise that The Don CeSar Hotel has been a destination for many high-profile guests throughout its existence. It is truly a place where royalty, stars, musicians and athletes choose to stay for their luxury accommodations while experiencing world-class treatments alongside top-class entertainment and outdoor activities only possible on Florida’s Gulf Coast.

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